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A spark is all that is needed to start a fire. The competition to find the best business plan in Tajikistan from young women intends to find the brightest sparks and provide the support and training to turn them into a burning fire.
Whether you are a young woman with an idea, or it is your sister, your daughter, your cousin or your niece, this is an amazing opportunity to turn a business idea into reality with the support of great trainers, experienced mentors and money to invest into the business.

The National Association of Business Women of Tajikistan (NABWT), with the financial support of the U.S. Embassy in Tajikistan, and in partnership with the Committee of Women and Family Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan in Sughd, Khatlon and RRS, is proud to announce the launch of the national competition for the best business plan from young and motivated women who have ideas for creating new businesses.

The general partner of the contest is CSC MDO «IMON International”.
The aim of the competition is to promote the economic empowerment of young women in Tajikistan by supporting their innovative business
ideas, developing and supporting the creation of new businesses, and promoting the reduction of unemployment among young women. This is an opportunity for young women who are budding entrepreneurs to realize and implement their ideas. The competition is open to women aged 18 to 35 years.

During the first stage of the competition more than 200 women will be selected from the application forms received and be invited to participate in orientation training for the selection of a great business idea. During this time experienced trainers will select the 50 best ideas to progress to the next stage.

In the second stage 50 women will take part in a seven-day training course to transform their idea into a viable business plan. Each participant will have to defend her business project in front of an expert committee, which will be formed from experienced business consultants and potential investors.
The best business ideas will secure investment for implementation!
Financing will be in the form of a grant from the U.S. Embassy in Tajikistan, as well as through soft loans from MDO IMON International, with the refinancing rate from the National Bank of Tajikistan. MDO IMON International also plans to provide opportunities for insurance against
business risk through its partners.
The winners will be provided with mentoring support when starting their business and the first months of the new enterprise. Mentors will be experienced women entrepreneurs, NABWT members, the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Central Asia and Afghanistan. The winners will be offered the chance of an internship in similar businesses in the cities of Astana and Almaty to give them experience and the opportunity to start to develop their skills for their own businesses.

The award ceremony will be held in within the framework of the international conference hosted by members of the Association of Entrepreneurs of Central Asia and Afghanistan, which is scheduled for January 2014 in Dushanbe, with the participation of women entrepreneurs and parliamentarians from six countries across the world.
As noted by the General Director of NABWT Gulbahor Mahkamova: «The organization of the contest will be good for the development of
women’s entrepreneurship in the Republic of Tajikistan, strengthening the economy through the promotion of self-employment among
women. I would encourage young women to actively participate in the competition of business ideas. This is an opportunity to acquire basic
knowledge for business, to make contacts and to test yourself. To participate you just need an idea and the desire to bring it to life!».

To enter the contest, you must fill out an application form that must be submitted to the competition commission or by e-mail at: nabwt.konkurs@gmail.com

Application forms can be obtained at the head office of MDO IMON INTERNATIONAL and in all branches of the organization, as well as on the website of Association: www.nabwt.tj
The deadline for submission of application forms for participation in the competition is November 1, 2013
For more information on the contest, please call: (92) 756 50 00 or (93) 503 5005

Calendar contest:

  • July — August, 2013. The preparatory phase involves the formation of all organizational structures within the contest: The Organizing Committee, Board of Trustees, and Expert Commission. This stage also included the development and implementation of the advertising and marketing campaign, to inform the public about the beginning of the competition.
  • September — October, 2013. Awareness raising and the acceptance of application forms from those who want to take part in the competition. The initial screening to select 200 questionnaires will be undertaken, with the 2-day orientation training.
  • November, 2013. Education of 50 women with a 7 day business training and protection of business projects participating. Judging and assessment to determine the winners.
  • December, 2013. Technical support and advice to those starting a new businesses.
  • January, 2014. An international conference in Dushanbe on Women Entrepreneurship Development in Central Asia and Afghanistan, with the participation of women entrepreneurs and parliamentarians from six countries. The ceremonial presentation of certificates and prizes to the winners of the competition.