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"Imon International"

"Imon International" is in the financial market since 1999 that provides assistance in economic development in Tajikistan, improvement of the population’s livelihood through rendering stabile access to the financial resources. For 18 years of activity 27 branches and 107 banking service centers were established in 40 towns and districts of the country. The size of the company’s assets is 900 mln. Tajik somoni. Own investment is more than 132 mln. Tajik somoni. Imon International provides the following financial services: loans, deposits, mobile and Internet banking, bank cards and remittance (money transfer). At the moment:

  • from 105.000 active clients, 37% of them are women.
  • the company owns loan portfolio for 703 mln. Tajik somoni, 32% of them belong to the women.
  • from 329.000 depositors 47% of them are women, i.e. from 264 mln. Tajik somoni, 32% - are women’s deposits.
  • 16.000 people have bank cards, and 35% - are women.
  • women also use money transfer services – 45% of them  make money transfer, and и 75% - get money.
  • Alongside with financial services, Imon International offers non - financial ones, such as:
  • consultations for start uppers and existing businesses - among  7500 participants 95% are women
  • consultations for engineers - constructors. At the moment 17.000 people were rendered consultations and 35% of them are women
  • agricultural trainings - 48% out of 8000 participants are women, engaged in agricultural sector
  • financial literacy trainings – 65% out of 6000 participants are women
Zakir Abdurashitov
+992 (92) 771-11-22

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