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Alfiya Uzakova

Tailors shop "Mehrubon", Panj district

Alfiya had been working as a tailor for many years in Tursunzoda town. She used to sew traditional Tajik dresses and school uniforms. After moving to Panj district she continued sewing. In Somoni village Namuna Jamoat (Community) Panj district a cooperative group was established on Alfiya's initiative which initially consisted of five women who commenced sewing business. Later the number of women and girls wishing to join this cooperative increased and once joining they started sewing school uniforms. Alfiya used to receive the orders jointly with the representatives of the District Department of education and school directors. Alfiya places purchase orders and selects fabrics while her husband Olim Kholmatov purchases them from the central markets. Thus tailors shop "Mehrubon" has been functioning for several years. Alfiya Uzakova faces a difficulty with working premises there for she uses her residential place as a tailors shop. Their workplace comprises of two rooms and one hall. The majority of her employees are working from their homes. Alfiya's husband delivers fabrics to their homes, as for the readymade uniforms and dresses the tailors themselves iron and pack them and deliver them to the shop accountant. This work process has been developed by Alfiya herself whereby each member of the group knows his/her duties and responsibilities. Alfiya says:

-This year we received a big order from schools for school uniforms. I knew that this was a complicated and time consuming process. I cannot tolerate any work that is done in a hurry. There for we started taking measurements, tailoring and sewing of uniforms in March. As a result we managed to fulfill the school order and satisfied the requirements of parents.

Alfiya intends to set up a big and modern tailors shop in the district.

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