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Muhabbat Mahkamova

Floriculturist, B. Gafurov district

Muhabbat Mahkamova grows over 70 sorts of flowers in her house. Floriculture is a hereditary occupation and she mastered flower growing from her father. Her mother Qumriniso is still engaged in this work and gives advices to her children blessing them to this business. Formerly, Muhabbat Mahkamova held executive positions in public authority of the district, but floriculture had always been of her principal concern. Flower plantations are organized in her own house, as well as in the houses of her brothers and parents. She knows each sort of her flowers, which have interesting names. Every year she travels abroad accompanied by her mother and brings new seeds of flowers which can grow in our climate. Besides, she owned land plot in Shahriston, Sughd region, where she grows various sorts of flowers. Muhabbat has participated in numerous flower competitions and festivals and won awards. She had taken a land plot located in front of her brother's house for long-term lease where she organized a demo plot. She receives different orders and most of them have seasonal feature. Floriculture is their family business composed of 7 - 8 members. In the period of the spate of orders Muhabbat Mahkamova hires wage laborers. She constantly searches new ways of business; she imports new seeds of flowers and finds their customers. Muhabbat opened a flower-shop in the center of Khujand city and every morning she sends there her fresh flowers. Recently Muhabbat Mahkamova informed via phone that her flower growing company concluded cooperation treaty with Iranian flower growing company "Salmoni Flower Company". She told with proud that this prestigious company is well - known in Europe and that was its third treaty with CIS countries – after Russia and Turkmenistan.

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