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Nuqra Ashurova

Head of cannery "Gulob", Faizobod districtNuqra's father Mahmadullo is a graduate of Polytechnic Institute of Odessa, Ukraine and is an experienced food industry specialist. After the civil war he applied for and received a grant from a charity to open a cannery. With the help of the support and his own savings he bought some unused land and started his business. As a schoolchild and through high school, Nuqra helped in her father's business and learned a lot from his experience.

When it was time for her father to retire, he announced that her was either going to sell or liquidate the cannery. Hearing this Nuqra decided to continue in the family business. A general meeting of all cannery employees was called, in a vote they supported her decision, and she was made the manager of the canning enterprise at the age of nineteen.

"I worried at the beginning, " her father Mahmadullo said. "I wondered if she would be able to handle the work, or if it would be too much for her. But I saw her enthusiasm and how she coped with all tasks and I didn't worry anymore. She now has my full support."

Nuqra was confident about her new position: "I knew I could manage the business. I attended some training sessions and learnt more on finances and business. I study the market and the consumers' preferences constantly. After analyzing the results I develop the production plan…"

Currently Nuqra Ashurova provides 7 local women with permanent salaried employment.

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