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Savriniso Kurbonova

Owner of dairy processing shop "Niso", Mastchoh district

Savriniso Kurbonova had been working as an obstetrician - gynecologist in maternity hospital of Buston settlement of Mastchoh district for many years. Her husband is a cardiologist. Based on the land reclamation and farm holding establishment program their family decided to own land area, which would promote to family prosperity in the future. In 2008 they had been allotted 50 hectares of land plot in village jamoat Navbahor of Vahdat district from boghara lands. Savriniso recollected those days:

- When we have come to see those lands they resembled a steppe, on which plants grew only when there were rains. All members of our family worked hard there. We have planted a number of saplings. I remember that one day, after winter watering of the trees my husband and the children took the buckets and went out to bring water. Winter of those places was very cold. Having come back they discovered that their clothes on which the water was splashed have become covered with ice. That day they were nearly to get frozen.

Thus, Savriniso watered the lands and trees facing such difficulties. This year she burrowed a well to water 5 hectares of her orchard. She had 23 cattle heads. One day a guest of her husband from Georgia came and having seen the picturesque surroundings advised the hosts to establish dairy processing workshop, which would bring much benefit, since all raw materials were available in those surroundings. This idea has become a reality: Savriniso established production shop. To put the idea into practice she sold her livestock and used the proceeds for workshop construction which commenced in 2011 and was put into operation in 2013. Currently, the dairy workshop produces three types of cheese – cheese sticks, suluguni cheese and wattled cheese. All these products are sold in grocery stores of Khujand city.

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