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Surayo Boqieva

Head of Dekhkanfarm "Zaghurbek",  J. Rasulov district

Surayo was brought up in the family of peasant. At one time Surayo Boqieva ran private business. Later on, following her father's advice she invested all proceeds from her business in farming. In 2010 she owned 60 hectares of the lands in J. Rasulov district bordering with areas of B. Gafurov district and gradually extended her estate to 110 hectares and established a farm holding with 160 shareholders. This year her farm had sown cotton on 10 hectares area. Last year the cotton yield comprised 33 - 35 quintals from each hectare. Wheat was sown on 40 hectares, onion – on 10 hectares, legumes on 10 hectares and the yield was gathered in their seasons. The most attractive activity carried out by Surayo Boqieva is organizing of grape plantation using Brazilian method. She invited the best experts from horticultural farm of B. Gafurov district. Sultonali Qodirov, an expert in horticulture shared his viewpoint: - This way of viticulture is very complex and expensive. However, in five or six years the farm will be able to gather double crop. Surely, it will be recompensed, but financing is needed at the start.

Surayo gained her ends: she organized grape plantation. To put her idea into practice she has brought 2000 grape transplants from Hisor and Regar districts. She gathered crop from her plantation already from the last year. Furthermore, to reserve the products she has built a refrigerator with 500 tons capacity. In addition, she organized a stock-farm where she breeds 110 head of sheep, 40 cattle head and a stud-farm with 6 pure-bred horses.

Surayo Boqieva participated in Farah - 2014 contest and advanced to the semifinals, she gained much benefit from this event. As well she became a winner of agriculture nomination in Farah - 2016.

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