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Manzura Gafurova

Owner of a Medical and Diagnostic Center "Shafqat",  Vahdat

Physician by major, she had been working in this sphere for many years. Later, analyzing the development processes in medicine, she purchased ultrasonic examination equipment and started providing services on diagnostics. Manzura Ochilovna is a qualified expert and an experienced manager. During the period from 2002 to 2008 she had been practicing private diagnostics activity. After a time she invited qualified specialists like her and decided to open the first medical and diagnostics center. Finally, she gained her end and their center started its activity in January 2009. Manzura strived for helping every patient and required such approach from her colleagues. During one year of activity in rented premises the center operated efficiently and successfully. The number of patients had been increasing day by day. Manzura Ochilovna made up her mind to obtain land area and build medical and diagnostics center under new design. To put this idea into practice she applied to local authorities and found their support. In 2010 construction works commenced and one year later the new building was commissioned. Thus, starting from 2011 Medical and Diagnostics Center "Shafqat" in Vahdat town has been providing diversified medical services to local residents, namely: diagnostics, ambulatory, stationery and surgical services, ensuring health protection of local population. Professional staff is composed of 26 highly qualified medical experts, first - class physicians and masters of medical sciences. On march 2017 Manzura Gafurova opened a branch office of her medical center with the same brand in the center of Spitamen district of Sughd region.

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