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Nigora Yunusova

Passion and confidence are the first things you notice when you meet Nigora. Her successful business that offers testing services for a range of electrical equipment is called Gafor Aliev; named after her father. It was her father, who recently passed away in 2007, who was her inspiration and motivation.
Nigora's company tests electricitiy stations, cables, high voltage lines, insulation and provides thorough and comprehensive safety checks. One of the most popular services is the testing of electricity meters and transformers. Nigora's business focuses on doing the job quickly, effectively and at a reasonable price. This efficient way of serving the customer is reflected in the structure of her team; small but effective. She employs 7 full time workers and 10 on contract.
Nigora’s belief that Tajikistan's energy problems can be mitigated through embracing renewable technology is infectious. Looking for investment for small scale installations, she believes that a local solution to electricity problems will help to stabilise the economy; meaning that people will not need to migrate and are able to live and work in Tajikistan.

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