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Mavluda  Alieva

Director of "Saidiyon" LLC, Farkhor district

Farkhor inhabitants have already tasted delicious bread of Mavluda Alieva's bakery. Every morning she supervises the work in her bakery from the dawn, so that hot bread reached the market early in the morning. This is one of her business activities. Success story of this business lady is as follows:

- Before I had several wholesale stores in central market. I brought goods to Farkhor market by my truck "Kamaz". Though I had my private business I always thought about production activity. I watched the President's speeches about support of business women. This appeal of the Leader of nation inspired me. Thus, I have organized a series of production and service stations, - Mavluda Alieva told.

A flourishing place where Mavluda's business is located was a trash dump not long ago. First she opened bakery and then organized her confectionery. Mavluda explained her choice: - I saw many divorces of the young couples. One of the reasons was that young women were not prepared for the family life and its obligations. I thought if I establish confectionery the girls will master cooking and in family life they will not have problems with their mothers - in law. This business will promote to reduction of the cases of family discord and divorce of young families.

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