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Najotkhon Isomadinova

Not afraid to speak out, Najotkhon is a woman who knows her rights and will fight hard to protect them. This indomitable spirit has enabled Najotkhon to overcome many obstacles and she now runs a successful and award winning transport company that employs over 150 men. Najotkhon cares a lot about her community and started her business when she saw that transport services in Isfara could be improved. She wanted to offer something different and better for local people. She sold some of her jewellery to finance her business at the beginning, which has grown steadily throughout the years. Najotkhon sold the rest of her jewellery and her husband's car, as well as taking credit, to finance the expansion. There were difficult times when others suggested that she give up, but by this point she was employing many people and was committed to providing them with employment.
This commitment works both ways. The high standards that Najotkhon insists upon, the services she provides for her drivers, and her honest approach to business means that she has built very strong loyalty from her drivers and wider team.
Najotkhon is a role model for other women. She is very keen that other women should follow in her footsteps and wants to be able to share the ways that she has overcome her problems. In 2011 she published a 400 page book in Tajik; a combination of practical advice and personal motivation for women in Tajikistan Najotkhon's vision, determination to succeed and strong moral foundation have made her business successful.

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