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Lobby and advocacy of the women-entrepreneur’s rights and interests

NABWT actively lobbies interests of the women - entrepreneurs on the national level via strengthening network of women - entrepreneurs and presentation of their success stories to the public and government as well. To identify role models and recognize success of Tajik women - entrepreneurs, once in two years NABWT organizes the nation - wide competition "The best woman-entrerpeneur of the year" Award "Farah", that means "inspiration". "IMON INTERNATIONAL" is general sponsor of the competition and awards the winner "Farah" with 100.000 Tajiki somoni to develop own business. As a result of conducting three competitions in 2012, 2014 and 2016, a network of successful women - entrepreneurs of Tajikistan consisting of 100 semifinalists and winners has been established. The main goal of the network is exchange of experiences, building business capacity of the women - entrepreneurs and establishment of business links. All these women - entrepreneurs act as Ambassadors of Entrepreneurship and are engaged in lobby and advocacy of women’s economic rights and opportunities. As role models they inspire youth and promote their involvement into entrepreneurial activity through mentorship. "Farah" competition is organized in partnership with Government of Tajikistan, the State committee on investment and state property management, Committee on women and family affairs of RT and with support of different international organizations.

NABWT is sustainable platform for promotion of women’s entrepreneurship in Tajikistan, and is a link among government and SME, in particular women-entrepreneurs and artisans. In 2014 NABWT initiated organization of the Business symposium of women - entrepreneurs of the Central Asia and Afghanistan. About 350 people, including Parliamentarians, government officials, business associations, representatives of the private sector and international community, Mass Media of Tajikistan, Kirgizia, Kazakhstan and Afghanistan participated in the Symposium. Two days of hard work resulted in development of recommendations on strengthening the women’s role and promotion of women’s entrepreneurship in the region. As a result of the Business symposium, Taskforce on support of women - entrepreneurs was established in Tajikistan. The Taskforce is currently functions under leadership of the State committee on investment and the state property management.

As an alternative source of income - generating activity for the women, in particular rural women, for more than 10 years NABWT promoted handicraft sector. More than 500 women - artisans successfully trained in the NABWT vocational courses were united in one network. Currently more than half of them act as vocational trainers and this is also additional source of income generation for them. "Ozara" company that focuses mostly on handicraft sector, supports women and girls from vulnerable population to create value chain and receive income from the sale of the handicraft products both in the internal and external markets.

For many years NABWT jointly with its partners actively lobbies and advocates draft law of Tajikistan on handicraft to consider this sector as an entrepreneurial activity. Approval of such law would promote not only raising number of artisans and renewal of traditional crafts, but also making easy process of running business among artisans and raising employment opportunities for women in particular.

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