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Promoting Police Reform

Promoting Police Reform

Name of the joint project: “Promoting Police Reform”;

Donor: OSCE

Period: 2020

Project Objective: Management through Implementing Partners will strive to achieve the following objectives:

- identifying and raising public awareness about the progress of police reform in Tajikistan, as well as the role of public councils in this process;

- increasing the role of Public Councils to assist the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the process of reforming the police and ensuring public order in the regions of its functioning and work;

- providing financial, administrative and organizational support to the Public Council in the implementation of their activities at the district and regional levels;

- assistance in expanding the knowledge and skills of the members of the Public Council on various aspects of cooperation with communities;

- monitoring and assessment of environmental protection, development of recommendations and proposals for the Ministry of Internal Affairs on their future activities.


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