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Tajiks are unable to repay loans, and banks cannot meet them halfway

Due to the pandemic, many bank clients in Tajikistan were unable to repay loans taken for consumer purposes or business development. They ask lenders to defer payments. Some banks are trying to help clients, but their opportunities are limited, and they can not help everyone, but only those who find themselves in the most deplorable financial situation.

40-years-old entrepreneur Rustam (name has been changed) is the owner of a small manufacturing enterprise in northern Tajikistan, which employs 20 people. At the beginning of 2019, he decided to expand his activities, hire new employees, and for this, he took a large loan from the bank. Until May 2020, he repaid the loan every month, paying 150 thousand somoni (about $ 15 thousand), according to the schedule drawn up by the bank.


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