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Constant advices and teachings for women-entrepreneurs and cultivators.

Constant advices and teachings for women-entrepreneurs and cultivators is the control and analyzes of  participants and work of experts of  “Women entrepreneurship is the element of  improving women’s rights and opportunities” project.

As reported earlier, in Jaihun region the greenhouse  was organized for the modern cultivation of strawberries by NABWT in the framework of USAID project . Such greenhouse is the first and only in Tajikistan. As the cultivators are for the first time growing plants  by the new principles, they are in need of direction of  experts in this sphere. With this aim the experts of the project constantly visit beneficiaries and control the growth of the plants, in order to provide sustainable development of it and so cultivators and entrepreneurs achieve satisfying results.

The goal of organizing the greenhouse is growth of strawberries within the country, which gives opportunity to cultivators and entrepreneurs to have access to the qualitative strawberry plants and increase the production by using modern principles of growing strawberries, thus getting high income. The technology is new for the country and with compare of other bordering countries is very unique


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