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Production of strawberries in winter

Growing strawberries in Vakhsh district of Khatlon region is one of the main profitable sectors, the cultivation and sale of which is carried out by the majority of the population. Safarmoh Pironova is an entrepreneur and beneficiary of the USAID project "Women's Entrepreneurship by Expanding Their Rights and Opportunities" this year planted new seedlings of the "Festival" on the area of ​​12 acres, and since October, 29th of this year already sells its harvest. Safarmoh says that she began cultivating high-quality strawberries with the help of the USAID project, which implements by NABWT, and she became one of the first who to brought its harvest to the market. Actually customers and businessmen started to buyher strawberriesfrom the site. Now the yield of strawberries is very good and the quality is very high. Until today Safarmoh Pironova has sold 100 kg of strawberry varieties called Festival for 18 somonies. The harvest will continue taking into account weather conditions.


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