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Spouses weave adras

Burkhon Niyozov, a resident of the city of Kurgantube was in migration on earnings last year. This time, he realized that he would no longer go to work as a manual worker to Russia, since he had learned the craft of weaving adras and now he works in his homeland. Burkhon learned this craft from his wife Rohilya. Rohilya Niyozova became famous for weaving adras in Khatlon region, after two years ago, after a long unemployment in the framework of the project “Women’s Entrepreneurship by Expanding Their Rights and Opportunities” USAID, she learned this craft. She has become an entrepreneur with the support of NABW Tajikistan now teaches women and girls how to craft a weaving adras. Today, this young couple Rohilya and Burkhon became owners of the profession and can take care of their family with their craft.


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