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Tender for purchase of strawberry transplants

NABWT “Women Entrepreneurship for empowerment project”

Tender for purchase of strawberry transplants (mother plants) for strawberry nursery


Background: The National Association of Business Women of Tajikistan is implementing the “Women’s Entrepreneurship for Empowerment” project. The project includes a range of activities to improve specific agricultural value chains in Tajikistan’s, including among others: technology introduction, technical and business acumen development for agricultural value chain actors and business linkage development to accelerate trade in agriculture. The introduction of improved technologies, improving the performance of agriculture value chain actors in servicing the needs of farmers, technology promotion and improving pre- and post-harvest management are emphasized.


Justification for this tender:

Strawberry production in the in southern Tajikistan is among the most primitive in the world. Local varieties are replanted each year and have not been renewed with new genetics for more than 30 years. Existing varieties of strawberries produce fruit that does not transport well, has poor shelf life, does not meet modern market requirements, and does not have a certificate of conformity. Growers grow fruit and nursery in separate but often contiguous plantings. Nursery plantings are also planted on raised beds but with single rows of mother plants. Nurseries are planted from the first runners emerging from fruit production fields in early summer. Transplants are collected from nurseries in August.


The project will purchase 6000 certified strawberry mother plants (3000 short day cultivars; 3000-day neutral cultivars strawberry transplants), which meet the technical requirements for growing of strawberries in Khatlon province.

Technical Specification – strawberry transplants

A key goal for the project is to introduce into the target community the ability of new varieties in an appropriate fashion for strawberry production.  The strawberry plants recommended for the project in Tajikistan should offer the following characteristics:

  • Short day cultivars, day neutral cultivars
  • Adaptable to varied climates,
  • Frigo and fresh chilled transplants
  • Early onset of fruiting; spring, autumn, winter fruiting
  • Durable fruit capable of tolerating less than ideal post-harvest management.
  • Certification complying with the requirements of Tajikistan’s State Quarantine and Phytosanitary Department (including Tajik language translations).

Terms and Conditions

  1. All offers must itemize the cost of the equipment itself, shipping costs, taxes, fees, export and import duties, freight and transportation, storage costs and all additional costs to allow the project to take delivery in Dushanbe, Tajikistan with no other obligations and with full quarantine clearance. Please insure that contact information is included in the offer to allow the project to communicate with follow up questions and clarifications.
  2. The last day for proposals no later than 16:00 (GMT+5, Tajikistan time), March 1, 2018.
  3. Applicants must be available to provide full documentation package for WEEP, either as attachments by email or in written form in an envelope delivered to the WEEP project office (see address below).
  4. Offer submissions must be emailed as attachments to weep.tajikistan.tenders@gmail.com with the subject line “TENDER SUBMISSION – #003/TJ/18 – a missing or incorrect subject line could mean that the tender submission will not be processed. Only one submission should be submitted from each offering organization. If a corrected submission is submitted before the deadline, please indicated this in the body of the email – the corrected submission should be complete and will replace all previous versions. No partial submissions will be accepted.
  5. Written submissions must be submitted to the WEEP office in a closed envelope with the following information on the envelope: “TENDER SUBMISSION – #003/TJ/18, organization contact address and phone number should be inside the envelope.
  6. Technical questions regarding the offer may be submitted to weep.tajikistan.tenders@gmail.com, however the project reserves the right not to provide answers. Questions should have the subject line “TENDER QUESTION – #003/TJ/18.
  7. The evaluation of proposals will be conducted on a competitive basis and WEEP reserves the right not to accept the proposal or to respond by partially accepting a broader offer.


WEEP office address:

Vahdat street,208A, 3rd floor, Qurgonteppa city, Tajikistan, 735140

Telephone: (+ 992) 927740443 – This number is for contacting the office for written submissions only – not for technical questions regarding the tender. Questions regarding the content of this tender must be submitted by email as described above.



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