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Women-entrepreneurs: The development of America have opened my eyes!

Handmade production of qualitative adras fabric from the natural raw materials of young entrepreneur Rohila Nizovaro was recognized in the community . She is one of the first women who is professional adras weaver in southern Tajikistan. She learned this valuable skill in the framework of USAID project “Women entrepreneurship is the way of expanding their rights and opportunities” and became an entrepreneur.

Since now she was a housewife and was looking for a job. In 2016 NABWT as a part of USAID project organized the first center of waving “adras” in Bokhtar city and along with other women attracted Rohila to handmade activities. From the group of graduated student Rohila hsd more attention and was one of the best ones in this activity, which means she spent her entire energy and other resources for this sphere and soon became famous.
Earlier on March in 2018 with the help of the above mentioned project Rohila participated in the “Open world” program of US Embassy. She found a support and won a trip to the USA for the experience exchange. She traveled to the USA with the group of entrepreneurs. It was the second trip of Rohila to the foreign country. Last year her first trip as part of “Women entrepreneurship is the way of expanding their rights and opportunities” project was with the group of entrepreneurs who visited Uzbekistan. But as Rohila says her trip to the USA was very different and more effective. Development of America in most spheres including usage of techniques and modern technologies in the sphere of production impressed her and she felt proud because of this trip.
Rohila with the group of tajik entrepreneurs with responsible person from the US Embassy in Tajikistan collaborated in different cities of California and Washington states for two weeks. They visited historical, cultural and business centers. They had discussions and conversation with American people about life in the USA and exchanged information about their activities by visiting White House, local governments, museums, libraries, markets, different enterprises of food production and factories of car production. As Rohila says, Americans loved the “adras” fabric and scarfs that she decorates with national ornaments and knits from pure cotton. The highly estimate the work of Rohila and have business partnership offers for her. Partnership resources among entrepreneurs in the USA, their government support, living and working conditions, the way of working, the quality of the products and their compliance with international standards are the main reasons of the business development and success of entrepreneurs in the USA – says Rohila from her experience in the USA. He continues and says that it is important for each person especially for entrepreneur to visit such country, develop their outlook, and have more experience.
In the USA the entrepreneurs mainly make purchases online. Rohila was impressed by this way of working and during her stay in the USA she created her first e-mail address, she event started to use Smartphone instead of simple phone. Right now Rohila Niyozova one of the modern entrepreneurs that through the Internet cooperates and makes friends with local and foreign entrepreneurs. This approach brings her work to the very good results.


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