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In Vaksh village the education center of drying fruits was organized

Today, on 20th of June 2018, in Vaksh village of Rudaki region the education center of dryong fruits was organized. The center locating in the land area of entrepreneur named Bozorgul Shirinova who is in the Hofizi Sherozi village, has all necessary equipment to dry the apricots or other fruits in high quality.

In the beginning of opening ceremony the representative of USA agency on international development Bob Reno and the Deputy Director  of Vakhsh village  S.Abdulloev mentioned in their speeches that the following initiative of NABWT and USAID program is very useful for the development of women entrepreneurship and is positively  impacting to the improvement of cultivators’ financial income.

Continuing his speech  he thanked NABWT and USAID program from the name of executive bodies of the district  for the useful cooperation and said that earlier in Vakhsh village  two sections of  growing strawberry presentation and confectionery education center was organized WEE organization and program. Several professional and agrarian trainings were held. Also the center of drying fruits was organized as a part of “Women entrepreneurship is the element of  improving women’s rights and opportunities” program, with the aim of teaching the right and qualitative way of drying fruits. Providing sufficient conditions gives opportunity for women-entrepreneurs and gardeners to learn how to properly dry apricots or other fruits and get more income.


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