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Women’s Entrepreneurship for Empowerment

Project: "Women’s Entrepreneurship for Empowerment"

Donor: USAID

Partners: MDO "IMON INTERNATIONAL", Government of Khatlon region, Committee on women and family affairs of Khatlon, local government of target zones.

Duration: 48 months(October2014 – October2018)

Goal of the project: To mitigate poverty by building women’s capacity within value chains, and improving inclusivity, equality, access and control.

The project supports microenterprises and household farms, particularly focusing on women headed households, and within agricultural and non - agricultural value chains. Alternative sources of income for women farmers have been and will be developed, to allow the establishment of enterprises that generate income during the winter months. This contributes to economic stability and viability in rural communities. The project works with economically inactive women, and men within these communities, and has developed an understanding of reasons for not starting up and barriers to entry. This has built into an advocacy strategy with both local and national reach.

Status: current


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