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In the presentation areas of strawberry growing in modern and new ways of Qushoniyon and Jaihun regions, that were organized by NABWT in the framework of USAID project, the Day of Open Fields was held. In the free  meeting at the field explanations were conducted on selection of plants,  right way of cultivating the plants,

Constant advices and teachings for women-entrepreneurs and cultivators is the control and analyzes of  participants and work of experts of  “Women entrepreneurship is the element of  improving women’s rights and opportunities” project. As reported earlier, in Jaihun region the greenhouse  was organized for the modern cultivation of strawberries by NABWT in the framework of USAID

Today, on 20th of June 2018, in Vaksh village of Rudaki region the education center of dryong fruits was organized. The center locating in the land area of entrepreneur named Bozorgul Shirinova who is in the Hofizi Sherozi village, has all necessary equipment to dry the apricots or other fruits in high quality. In the

Today as a part of “”Chain of business intermediary organizations and competitive enterprises in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan” program, which is being implemented with support of The European Commission, the National Association of Business Women of Tajikistan organized a meeting with representatives of the Sughd region Tax Committee on the topic “Amendments and Additions to the

Khujand April readings

Gulbahor Maqsudovna Makhkamova, the founder and Chair, Candidate of historical sciences, invites to participate in “Khujand April readings” open lectures on gender equality and discussions of sustainable development goals. The speaker is Shvedova Nadezhda Alexandrovna, political scientist, doctor of political sciences. Head of the Center for Socio-Political Studies of the USA and Canada  Institute of

From 21st to 24th of June 2018 in Yavan area of Khatlon region was held 4 day training on increasing business potentials for women-entrepreneurs. In 4 days experienced trainers taught the participants of the training about the basis of business planning, shared the secrets of the plan on production and financial reporting, introduced with the

The art of seamstresses and cooking are the most common quality of women and girls in Tajikistan. These two crafts, which mostly belong to women, are taught girls in Tajik families from an early age, and at least women and girls know one of these qualities well. Muhabbat Juraqulova is one of hundreds of seamstresses,

The agricultural sector is one of the main sources of income and the existence of the population in the south of Tajikistan. In this direction women work on a par with men. Umeda Abdulloeva, despite being a family nurse in the ​​Jayhun district, has been engaged in the production and sale of vegetable seedlings for

NABWT “Women Entrepreneurship for empowerment project” Tender for purchase of strawberry transplants (mother plants) for strawberry nursery TENDER NUMBER: #003/TJ/18 Background: The National Association of Business Women of Tajikistan is implementing the “Women’s Entrepreneurship for Empowerment” project. The project includes a range of activities to improve specific agricultural value chains in Tajikistan’s, including among others:

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